Our Vision

The new London destination


Our Ambition

The London Tunnels will use the history hidden beneath our feet to deliver new experiences that inspire exploration and imagination.

Imagine being able to walk in the tunnels, built by the British in the 1940s and designed to protect Londoners during the Blitz. Envisage what it was like for past generations to have lived through this period of time, and the courage shown by the British people.

With their vast scale and long corridors, there is an opportunity to not only restore but recreate; allowing visitors to experience something truly unique, and to explore broader topics across the arts, nature and sciences.

Capturing people’s imaginations

around the world, while respecting those who live and work in the neighbourhood

Providing unique experiences

that can be shared by people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds

Heritage and culture

combined to offer historical heritage experiences and a cultural, multi-sensory, digital experience

Curation of experiences

through partnerships with leading names in entertainment and technology

Preservation and transformation

of historically important Kingsway Exchange Tunnels

Delivering tangible economic benefits

to an area still recovering from the Pandemic

Capacity of approximately 4 million visitors per annum
0 m
Ticket prices for existing comparable attractions are between £25-£50
£ 0
Comparable existing operators reported EBITDA margins of 30-40%.
0 %
Companies in the sector trade on EV/EBITDA multiples of 12-16.5x
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